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Commentary: RB Nick Chubb finally getting a chance to shine

In the Browns’ rousing win over the Falcons last Sunday, Nick Chubb did something in one carry that Jim Brown never did in 2,359 career carries.

Chubb had a 92-yard touchdown run. That’s the longest run from scrimmage in the history of the Browns, who have been running from scrimmage professionally since 1946.

Jim Brown never ran that far in an NFL game. Brown’s longest run from scrimmage was an 80-yard overland voyage against Washington in a 37-14 Browns win on Sept. 15, 1963.

On Sunday, in the third quarter against Atlanta, with the ball at the Browns’ 8-yard line, Baker Mayfield handed the ball to Chubb, who ran over, around, through, and away from the Falcons’ defenders. All 11 of them. None of them could stop Chubb. None of them could catch Chubb. By the end of the run some of them couldn’t even see Chubb.


It was a full-blown Chubbing.

To put Chubb’s run in perspective, 92 yards is about 1/19th of a mile. It’s only seven yards short of the longest run possible on a 100-yard football field. If you allow for all the zigging and zagging he did along the way, Chubb probably ran over 100 yards.

The best part of the run, however, was the end of it. As Chubb glided into the end zone, leaving behind him Falcons strewn over 92 Chubb-free yards of Haslam real estate, he held out the football in one hand and simply dropped it to the ground.

Like a pony express rider dropping off a bag of mail.

There was no “Hey look at me!” histrionics. No pre-choreographed celebration. Just some genuine, impromptu, unscripted gridiron gaiety shared with his teammates, who, unlike the Falcons, finally caught up to him.

Nick “The Quick” Chubb? Nick “The Club” Chubb? How does he not have an endorsement deal from Stub Hub?

Talk about a player worth talking about.

That moment was a sit-up-in-your seat moment, from a player who was so ignored by the Browns’ previous head coach and offensive coordinator that General Manager John Dorsey had to trade the running back ahead of Chubb on the crazy town depth chart, just to force the team’s two chief offensive strategists to use him.

Chubb started none of the Browns’ first six games. In those six games he had a total of 16 carries, which are four fewer than the 20 he had Sunday.

In the most insane NFL game of the year, the Browns’ 45-42 officials-marred loss in overtime to the helter-skelter Raiders, Chubb averaged 35 yards per carry on his three carries, scored two touchdowns _ and the following week against the Ravens he touched the ball twice.


Internal discord?

The external discord was even worse.

In eight games under Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, Chubb averaged a paltry six carries per game, despite averaging 6.1 yards per carry.

In two games since the demise of The Hue and Todd Show, Chubb has averaged 21 carries per game, averaged 6.2 yards per carry and scored two touchdowns, one of which is the longest run from scrimmage in the history of the franchise.

“It definitely is very special just being in this place, with so much history and so many great running backs. And to be a part of it, breaking records, it’s a great feeling,” said Chubb after his record-setting Sunday.

There were 34 players selected before Chubb in the NFL Draft. Three of them were running backs. One of those was Saquon Barkley, who was the second player taken in the draft. Barkley is averaging 4.5 yards per carry, Chubb 6.2. Both players have five touchdowns rushing. Barkley is averaging one TD every 26 carries, Chubb is averaging one TD every 18 carries.

Chubb is the third amigo of the three amigos that head honcho Dorsey lassoed in the first two rounds of the draft. The first two were Mayfield and Denzel Ward. Chubb was a second-round pick. In 2017 the Browns’ second round pick was DeShone Kizer.

The Browns took Mayfield and Ward with their first two picks this year. In 2015 their first two picks were Danny Shelton and Cameron Erving. In 2014 their first two picks were Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel. Do the math.

Dorsey held a press conference Wednesday to answer questions about Coach Search 2018. All that was revealed is that Dorsey has a PhD in Mumbo Jumbo. But that’s Ok. He can mumbo all the jumbo he wants when you draft like he has.

Dorsey gets the benefit of the doubt because of his track record. He should be able to find a real coach because in his one year on the job he’s added several “real players” to the roster.

On Sunday, one of them ran 1/19th of a mile for a touchdown.

Jim Ingraham is a sports columnist for the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram and the Medina Gazette. Contact him at 329-7135 or [email protected] and follow him @Jim_Ingraham on Twitter


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