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Odell Beckham Jr. repeats he’s glad to be with Browns, responds to criticism from Giants fans in Twitter “therapy session”

Odell Beckham Jr. was busy tweeting Monday.

He reasserted his happiness being with the Browns, asked for suggestions on where to eat and what to do in The Land and responded to critics in what he described as a “therapy session.”

“Cleveland is my home now,” he tweeted. “Trust me I’m comin wit a bag fulll of energy, I want to win. Period. Im right where God wanted me to be. Let’s have some fun!”

Beckham, a three-time Pro Bowl receiver, admitted he was shocked when the Giants traded him last month and needed time to “come to grips” with changing teams. Stories of his displeasure with the trade to Cleveland followed.

“Im not upset in ANY way about where I landed,” he tweeted Monday. “But outta respect what they did , was crazy! And beyond disrespectful ! I wanted nothin but the best for NY. But on to a new chapter…. ITS LIFE”

Beckham played for the Giants for five years and signed a five-year, $90 million contract in August. He was traded seven months later.

“We didn’t sign him to trade him…” you don’t get married to get a divorce,” he tweeted. “… I tried my best , the situation I had been in since I got there never changed … we were still losing. PERIOD… money doesn’t bring happiness brotha… remember that”

The Browns sent the No. 17 pick, safety Jabrill Peppers and a third-round pick to the Giants in exchange for Beckham. In a separate part of the deal, the Browns got defensive end Olivier Vernon for right guard Kevin Zeitler.

The Giants claim trading Beckham was strictly a football decision, but his giant personality and occasional antics bothered members of the organization. Critics have called him a “pain in the ass” and a “cancer” in the locker room.

“Ask any one of my teammates of who I was as a teammates and a man and a person….” Beckham tweeted. “yes I’m cancer to a place that’s ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD. Ur absolutely correct !”

Beckham repeatedly stressed that the source of his frustration with the Giants was the failure to win consistently.

“The truth shall set u free my friend,” he tweeted. “I was raised to be honest. I’m a winner, I don’t accept losing and making excuses for it. So me speaking up to hopefully change a culture into somethin better, is bad for the culture? Lol that makes sense to u, hey man whatever helps u sleep”

He engaged with fans and responded to critical tweets.

“That’s alllll, damn when I wanna voice my opinion (like everybody else can do) and back myself up its a problem,” he tweeted. “Like im suppose to get walked over forever! “Shut up n dribble” no sir not me

“And trust me I have moved on, sorry if it seems like I haven’t because I just want tos speak the truth !”

Much of the interaction was with jilted Giants fans, but there was an exciting takeaway for Browns fans.

“What u don’t understand !!!!!! I’ve never been in a place so happy in my life, my soul, my spirit, is at an all time high!!” he tweeted. “Say what u want, there is NOOOO bringin me down .. PERIOD”

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