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Jarvis Landry targets August return — if not sooner — after hip surgery, determined not to miss 1st game of NFL career

After delaying hip surgery for a month after the season with the hope of not needing it, then finally having it Feb. 4, receiver Jarvis Landry anticipates an August return to the field.

If not sooner.

“I knew that after talking with (the doctors) prior to Pro Bowl that the recovery time was six to eight months. So I knew I had to make a decision right then and there,” Landry said during a long interview on his new YouTube channel. “If I waited another month, now they’re pushing me another couple weeks back for the start of the season. Now I’m looking at an August return — maybe even before that — while if I’d had waited another couple weeks, I’m looking at a September return.”

Training camp starts in late July and the season in September. Landry hasn’t missed a game during his six years in the NFL.


“That’s something I hold like near and dear to my heart,” he said. “That’s something that I wanted to, you know, accomplish.”

Landry had surgery in Minneapolis after playing in the Pro Bowl and doing appearances at the Super Bowl in Miami. Dr. Christopher Larson operated, shaving cartilage and removing two pieces of bone embedded in the labrum.

Landry said he wants to cut the recovery time to five months.

“I sent Dr. Larson a video last week. I’m about to be your fastest recovered patient that you’ve ever had in the history of hip surgeries,” he said. “He laughs at me and ‘Take it easy, Juice.’ You know what I mean? But I’m serious.”

Landry led the Browns with 83 catches for 1,174 yards and six touchdowns in 2019 but wants to get back to feeling normal.

“I want to have the confidence that when I go out there I can play fast and be myself,” he said.

Landry reluctantly changes mind, has surgery

Landry, 27, was bothered by the injury throughout last season and said he played at 75-80 percent. The doctors told him he’d need surgery, but he tried to delay it until after the 2020 season.

“I just didn’t want to go through the headaches of a surgery. I didn’t want to go through the headaches of a rehab,” he said. “I just said I’m not going to do the surgery. I’m going to wait, and we’re going to come up with a plan and kick this shit’s ass. We’re going to make sure that I’m ready to go for the next season.”

Then came the Pro Bowl, Landry’s fifth straight. He said the experience made the decision for him.

“It’s hurting. It’s tight. It’s hurting. It’s tight. I can’t really run when I wanted to,” he said. “The Pro Bowl was just another indication of why I needed the surgery. Having the time off and still not feeling nearly close to 80 percent, not feeling like I even felt during the season was another indication of why I had the surgery.”

Kobe Bryant died the same day as the Pro Bowl, and Landry recalled staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning that night.

“It just hit me, and I had this like talk with myself: Jarvis you’re hurt. You can’t fake this. You can’t keep trying to be tough for everybody else. You’re hurt,” he said. “And from that point, I started thinking about, ‘All right. Do I play another season hurt and my production goes down? Do I play another season and I’m not the same person. Do I play another season and I hurt something else? All these thoughts kind of came just from watching how short life is and how a legend was taken from us in a time when it was unexpected for everybody.

“I guess it’s kind of crazy to say that that’s what made me get the surgery, but it’s something that like triggered inside of me to have that self-reflection to be like, ‘Man, you need the surgery.’”

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